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Fun Reading! The characters in the book closely resemble people I work with. I was charged up reading this book because I saw so many of the situations I deal with every day.


Michael Zabec puts down on paper every difficult situation in handling salespeople and guides managers in effective leadership.   If you are in the sales management business, this book will change your life.   Why spend half of your life learning all of the lessons that many veterans have come to know over time? This book can help you and guide you right from the start.


Sales managers know that there are some things you just don’t do.   At least some sales managers know.   And if you aren’t sure, you need to get your copy of this book and let Michael walk you through 35 years of sales management experience and tales of mistakes and victories along the way.


Michael’s advice is wise, dispassionate, and practical. This book won't replace your Bible, but it is one that you will learn from and you will be blessed to have read.


Edward G. Augustine

President of Paramount Builders

Virginia Beach


It is said in the Armed Forces, ‘A Good Leader Commands.’ And the Sales Manager’s Bible will provide both new and seasoned sales mangers with a much better understanding of their role as a leader, driving their company to new sales highs.


We should all be thankful that Michael Zabec is willing to share his sales skills for both the salesperson and sales manager.   Every sales manager looking for success should make this book a mandatory read!!

Wayne Fredrick

VP Sales, Siding and Window Products, Alside

Akron, Ohio


Managers have the toughest job! This Sales Manager’s Bible can make it fun again! You’ll start focusing on successes rather than the problems.


This book humbles the veterans among us because it reminds us of the ‘traps’ we can get caught in. It’s a refresher course for long time managers. For those of you who are in the job and left to your own devices, this bible will be just the fix you need to make life better for you and your staff.

Kudos to Michael Zabec for reaching deep into his years of experience and sharing them with us. A must read for success minded managers and owners alike.  


Don Santillo

National Sales Manager for Winchester Industries

Saltsburg, PA



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